Friday, February 10, 2012


Okay, so lately I've discovered some of the BEST products and some I have been using for YEARS and truly love. Please enjoy and feel free to comment and leave your mommy must-have's! 

 1. Bvulgari Mon Jasmine Noir Travel Perfume: Okay, I bought this travel perfume at Ulta for $25 and the scent reminds me of a sexy, "dirty," flowery, strong, and domineering woman. I can't get over the smell of this and I get so many compliments from people on it. I always have this with me in my purse, because of course, you never know when you're going to be short of time or FORGET to put perfume on OR just be on the go all day long that you need a little freshen-me-up-splash of deliciousness. (OR, even a hot spur of the moment date ;)).
 2. Nars Bronzer in Casino: Alright ladies, I've been using this bronzer for about 8 years now! I can't get over it. It gives me the very best bronzed look and it's never orange. It has a little bit of shimmer but just the right amount. A little goes a LONG way and I couldn't be more in love with this product. I get this from Sephora and it's currently priced @ $33.00. Thank me later ;) 

 3. The original Naked Palette: $48 from Sephora. This is a mommy MUST be simply because it can be used for EVERYTHING and looks good on EVERYONE. I use this palette to switch up my shadow color, use as an eyeliner, eyeliner enhancer, AND an eyebrow enhancer. Yes, it's a little pricey, but for all of the colors that you get and the different ways you can use this product, it's WAY worth it.

 4. Big Sexy Hair hairspray: Oh. Maaa. Gaaaa. This hairspray truly IS what it claims to be, unlike all of the others I've tried (and trust me I've tried over 15 different hairsprays). This really is where it's at. All day hold, SUPER HOLD, and delicious smell. You really can't beat this! I found this gem at Target for $19.95. 

 5. Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Shampoo: You NEED this product! I don't care who you are, you need it. Plain and simple. If you are in a rush, woke up late, baby needs to eat or is being too fussy to focus on you, you have a last minute meeting, etc., YOU.NEED.THIS. I LOVE this product. It has no white residue, smells DELICIOUS, really makes your hair look like it was JUST washed (even if it's been a day or 5 since) and is only $5.00! I found this at Target as well. Just go and get it. 

6. Laura Mercier Translucent Pressed Powder: So, I've never used a powder before and since it was recommended to me I decided to give it a shot. I have combination skin so it's not too oily and not too dry. However, when I am on the go ALL DAY long and my face get's shiny, there is no better product than this powder. It gives you a fresh, matte, clean look and goes on super smooth. You can use this multiple times a day and since it's translucent, you never have to worry about your face being 100 different colors. Just clean. Simple. Beautiful. You. I found this product at Sephora and it is $40.00