Thursday, February 27, 2014

Transformation Update #2

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The end of week #8. 

I can not believe it's been 8 weeks already. And truly, since IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) aka Flexible Dieting is somewhat new to me, I wasn't sure how long I would last.

I've started to get lots of inquiries about IIFYM as of late. Most of the questions are the following:

  • Isn't it hard to keep track every single day?
  • Are you still eating "normal" food?
  • What's the difference between IIFYM and a traditional diet?

I will answer here:

1. Yes, it was very hard in the beginning to keep track of every single thing I ate or drank. I remember  thinking, how in the world could I do this for an extended period of time? Well, the app MyFitnessPal has been a life saver. I have had to manipulate the app to keep track of my own ratios from my coach rather than the given ratios from the app. Basically, I had to learn a little bit more about how to track properly and how to plan my day out so that I could focus on hitting my designated numbers. However, after doing it for a few weeks, it really became second nature. I eat mostly the same thing day in and day out, I have a few add ins and swaps here and there but for the most part, I like what I like; so the app keeps record of that and all you have to do is "click" the food and BOOM, it's tracked. Easy peasy. My goal within the next couple of months is to be able to not have to track because I will have familiarized myself with serving sizes and how to "eye-ball" just about everything. Except steak, because I mean, the more the merrier!

2. Do I eat normal food? I eat eggs, bacon, bread, rice, macaroni and cheese, I still put cream and sugar in my coffee, and I still go on dates with my husband and indulge. The key difference is, I still eat "clean/healthy" foods; lots of veggies, fruits, whey protein shakes, Quest bars, turkey, chicken, seafood, etc. So, BALANCE is what it is all about. If I want to have something "off-limits" I work it in and "make it fit" my macros! It's a fantastic system, really. Because, what would I do if I couldn't eat ANY of the 20 boxes of Girl Scout cookies my husband bought?!

3. The difference between IIFYM and a traditional diet I would say, as I mentioned in a previous blog, is the words "no" and "don't." If my coach were to tell me the following, "No cookies, don't eat peanut butter, no wine, no cheese" I would probably want them all a lot more, right? And "traditional" diets seem to be more or "cookie cutter" plans. At the end of the day, no person is alike. We all require different amount of energy (food). So, a better understanding and relationship with food is necessary to be successful. I find the IIFYM diet to be the best lifestyle change I could have ever adopted. 

My mind used to be so warped around the "dont's" "off-limits" and the "no's" that I wasn't giving myself permission to lose the weight that I wanted. I was simply creating a self destructive pattern that revolved mostly around binge eating. I don't have to suffer with the "no's" anymore! I am so beyond liberated, that I can't imagine why IIFYM has such a negative connotation attached to it. This year has already been full of so many challenges that have surged my anxiety levels through the roof, but by applying these principles, I am able to stop a binge from happening (ya know, anxious eating). I am so loved by myself now that I have allowed myself to come into this woman who I always wanted to be, that nothing is more powerful than me. Not food, not anything, not anyone. 

I am very excited to see where these next 4 weeks take me (next update will be around 12 weeks in). I must say, week 8 has been the hardest so far. It's the first time my coach has lowered my calories (macros) and even though it was only by a very little, it feels like a lot. I have been left feeling a bit hungry on some days, and struggling with feeling bloated on other days. It would be easy to give up, but I am never going to give up. And just to be clear, I do not think I am fat or obese. I do not have a distorted body image. This journey is for me to prove to myself that I have the self discipline that I feel I lacked for so long, this journey is for me to help someone realize they no longer have to live in a "clean eating" prison. This journey is for me to learn more about myself as a woman, not just a wife or a mother. This journey is for me to have my own hobby where I can push the limits and break PR's in the gym. This is for me. And you will never be able to break out of your mental prison until you make it about you. Until you can look back at the person in the mirror and say, "I want this." 

Now for the nitty gritty:

Weight Lost: 11 pounds
Inches lost: 7.5 

Dead Lift MAX: 195 pounds
Squat MAX: 205 pounds

Thank you everyone for following my progress. If you've had success with IIFYM or have any questions about it, please comment, I would really love to hear from you! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


*wearing bebe coat, Sam and Libby heels, Rebecca Minkoff purse, J Brand jeans.*

How many times have you heard that statement? "Don't eat that." Think about it. For instance, someone says to you, "Oh my God, I heard that drinking Coke can kill you because it can be used to clean a toilet, don't drink that!" Or, maybe something like this, "Cupcakes make you fat, don't eat that." Does that one sound a bit more familiar?

I'm going to get real REAL here. I have heard some of the most asinine stuff in my many years of being involved in fitness. And a lot of them have been very eye opening and informative, but the majority of them have made me want to slap someone upside the head. Seriously. I have found that information regarding chemicals, sugar, artificial sweeteners, Organic, and carbs have the most ridiculous "scientific facts" behind them. Think about this. If you were a scientific researcher and someone offered you 5 million dollars to "prove" that sugar is bad for you and it's going to kill you, wouldn't you do it? Maybe.

Sugar can be bad, certainly in copious amounts. And sugar has a lot of calories attached with it for only a small amount, which can lead to serious weight gain if consumed to excess. However, I know plenty of people, including myself who eat sugar. I love bananas and a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee. Is it going to kill me? Maybe. I'm betting not though. I'm betting the least of my worries is a little sugar and a banana, after all, it's "natural and organic" right? (Insert eye roll here).

So, has anyone ever told you not to eat sugar? And when they said it, did it make you want it more?
Answer. Yes. and YES YES YES!

As humans, we are programed to want things that are considered "off-limits." Think about devious teenagers. Or, when you're on a "diet" and someone at work has a birthday and theres lots of yummy cakes and cupcakes. You keep telling yourself no no no, I can't. I just can't. I'm on a diet. And then you sit there and watch everyone smiling and enjoying their cake. Later on you find yourself alone after hours at work and you have a slice because you just can't take it anymore! Or better yet, you inhaled like 3 pieces of cake and are left wondering what the hell happened! And then you think, well I blew my diet, I guess that's over now. Maybe I'll start next Monday. Does this sound familiar? Sure it does! Maybe not that crazy but MAYBE exactly that crazy.

Here's the deal: I used to tell my clients that information. Oh, you put sugar in your coffee? Don't! Oh, you sometimes find yourself hungry at 7pm? Well, slam some water and go to bed hungry. If you can, DEFINITELY eat all organic. Don't put any creamer in your coffee, it's unnecessary calories. If you're going out for pizza, just order a salad. Do you recognize a pattern? Don't. Stop. Just. These are all words that are HUGE recipes for disaster. And not to mention, these theories are bull shit. And let me say, just because these may "work" for some people, doesn't mean it's right and don't let anyone ever tell you any different. I once had a prospective trainer tell me to not eat carbs because as humans we don't need them. (insert OH MY GOD, no way, I can't believe she said that, holy cow, get me out of here).

So, what am I getting at? Although these people and "trainers" and "gurus" and "public figures" MAY believe what they are saying or if they just want your money, make sure you educate yourself FIRST. Open your ears and listen to the negative connotations attached with the information being provided. If you have ever had an eating disorder or believe you have an eating disorder of any kind, seek professional help FIRST. If you know you have a bad relationship with food, further attaching negative meanings to food is only going to hurt you in the long run.

How about this? What if I gave you two options: 1. Don't eat past 7pm, ever. 2. You can eat whatever you want (yes, even at 10pm!) as long as you have available macros (carbs, fats, proteins). Which would you choose? For me, I look forward to dinner dates out with my husband (who said a steak and some veggies were bad for you?) and I also look forward to having a nice bowl of Lucky Charms a few nights a week at 8:30pm if I want and can afford to.

What if you were able to eat what you wanted as long as your calories and macros allowed for it? What IF you were able to finally achieve mental and physical stability in regards to food? What if you ate food that was considered "unclean" every once in a while? Would you die? No. Would you get fat? No. Would you be happy while losing weight? It's highly likely! Just because I follow IIFYM doesn't mean that I sit around eating Pop Tarts and cookies all day long. But it doesn't mean I restrict myself from them either. The truth is, once you understand what macros your food is made up of (food label), you will better understand why eating a whole roll of Oreo's is making you fat. Or why 6oz of pasta (without any fixins) is 600 calories and 126g of carbs. This teaches you how to eat SANELY. It will teach you how to make substitutions to your food. Don't want all the calories and carbs that come with that pasta? Have some spaghetti squash! Or spiralize some zucchini! The possibilities with Flexible Dieting aka IIFYM are endless.

Monday, February 17, 2014

My Six Week Transformation

*wearing Bailey44 tank, JBrand jeans, Christian Louboutin shoes, Swarovski Jewelry, and Express Blazer*

I have been working with my coach for the past 6 weeks and so much has changed. Thank you to all of you who are following me on Instagram and who have told me I inspire you to make a change. To me, that's the most important goal of my life. Sure, anyone can make an amazing transformation. But it's what you don't see behind the scenes that matters most. When I struggle, when I have slip ups, when I eat more than I was supposed to, when I have a *binge*, when I am not *perfect*, I allow my followers to see that. I allow myself to admit to those short-comings. As I've written before, I have done it all in regards to "diets." But I have finally found a way to life that fits my lifestyle and my mind-set. I follow IIFYM (If. It. Fits. Your. Macros). I was an avid follower of "Clean Eating" for a very long time, which catapulted my binging into full force over the years and brought me a lot of failure. Based on my own physiology and lifestyle, my coach determined my own set macros (Carbs, Fats, Protein) and thus I have a calorie goal to follow with that to hit each day. I track everything (except my workout calories) in My Fitness Pal. And I am prescribed monthly workouts to follow.

My next blog will be more about the specifics of IIFYM, especially since it's gotten such a negative connotation as of late. 

In the past 6 weeks the following has occurred:
1. I have lost 10 POUNDS
2. I have lost 6.5 INCHES
3. My strength has SKYROCKETED:
A. Dead lifting at 205LBS
B. Front squatting at 145LBS
C. Incline benching with 35LB DB's.
D. Sprinting at 10.5MPH

I'm not sure if I have stated this before but I have my Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Exercise and Fitness. I also have my Personal Training and Nutrition Consulting Certificates through NPTI. I have been doing program design for 8 years now. I took some time off to focus on myself and learn some new theories and learn the application of new methods. I will soon be taking on clients again so be sure to check back for more information.

As always, please me sure to click FOLLOW for this blog to have the most up to date information.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to my husband. Here is a little video snippet from our BEAUTIFUL wedding at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. My love has been my Valentine for 7 years and I look forward to 70 more!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I can't wait to make so many more memories with these two this summer. And summer, you can come whenever you're ready, we're done waiting for you.