Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Baby Is Growing Up

Oh lord. 

My son went "pee pee" on the potty tonight. Intentionally. And told me he had to do so. 

"mommy mommy! Pee pee!" 

Me: "wait, you have to go!? Okay! Here. Sit. Stand. Hold your pee pee. Or don't! I don't know!" 

Haha it seems hectic and it was. He's usually so adamant about not going on the potty or tells me he has to go and then says no. So when I realized the gumption he had toward it, I knew it was go time. 

He ended up kneeling on the actual toilet seat, facing the toilet, and peeing right into the bowl, like a boss! I screamed, jumped up and down, was yay-ing, and omg-ing, and just so damn proud. And I told him to flush it on his own and he did. And I made a crazy deal of that too and I could see the pride beaming from inside his big, beautiful heart. And in that moment, that single act took away anything negative that was affecting me. My little 2.5 baby is growing up. 

So not only did he go that one time, but after his bath he told me he had to go again. And he did. The same way. With the same excitement. Oh, my mama heart. I'm so thankful. So blessed. So fortunate in this life. Johnny, I'm so SO proud of every accomplishment of yours, no matter how small. You are my joy, baby. 

Preschool is also right around the corner! I signed him up for 2.5- early 3 year old preschool and I'm so anxious and nervous about it all. He's so attached to me and he's SUCH a good boy that I KNOW this will be nothing but positive for him but I also am a little worried, which I hope is normal. He's so bright and so full of excitement and wonder so I know it's the perfect time for this introduction to school. He can count to 20. Knows his ABC's. Sings many nursery rhymes. Asks a never ending amount of questions. Is always pointing out signage. He is gentle with other kids. Is always saying hello to everyone and ANYONE. He's such a wonderful child. I am so excited to see how this adventure into preschool is going to further his development and his interaction with other children.