Monday, March 26, 2012

My FAVORITE Baby Products (so far)

Okay, as you all know I am a first time mom but I am no stranger to children and playing the mom role. Being a mom for 3 months on Sunday now, I have found my top FAV products and I love them so much that I just have to share with you. Whether you're looking for a perfect gift for a baby shower, are a soon to be mom, or a mom already; I hope I have unmasked some treasures that you will find lovely too.

For the Bath:

I've tried 3 brand of towels and hated every single one of them (either too small, too THIN, or too flimsy). Finally I came across the PERFECT towel for baby, the extra large Frenchie Couture.

Next, the bath tub. I was recommended the tub by a friend and it's amazing because it can be used from birth until 2 years old! My son LOVES this tub, he hasn't slipped in it and he sits very comfortably in this bath, the PRIMO Eurobath.

Now because I wanted my son as a newborn to have some cushioning around him when he was in the tub, I purchased a large bath sponge to fit right in the 0-6 month spot and it worked like a charm. Once he reached 3 months we decided he no longer needed the sponge and took it out, but in my opinion it was necessary during the earlier stage of his life.
For scrubbing and cleaning baby's body, I didn't like the roughness of washcloths so I just use the wash clothes to cover his "bits" and keep him warm while in the tub. I found the true gem of sponges, so amazing that I actually bought one for myself! This sponge holds so much water, is soft and gentle, and shockingly durable. It's called the Baby Buddy Natural Sponge.

Lastly, a water deflector. At first I was skeptical because I thought it was just "one of those things that people waste money on." However, this is KEY for my son's baths! The water flows nicely into his Primo tub and he likes how it hits his feet. Also, I know when he gets older that this will keep him away from the actual spout which can be dangerous for kids. Flo Water Deflector.

Traveling Buddies! Based on my own research and consumer reviews I chose these products for our daily travels and couldn't be more pleased.

First we have his car seat, which is the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 Infant Car seat. This car seat is a bit more pricey but based on the safety reviews the decision is simple. As for my own personal use, yes it's a TAD BIT heavy, nothing dramatic. However, it's EASY to use and is on the HIGHER end of the weight spectrum (30lbs) so it can be used longer than most infant car seats.

Now, because I live in a big city that is very busy and I am a mom who is ALWAYS busy running around this busy city with my baby, it's imperative for me to have a quick transition from the car to the store. I purchased a Snap N Go stroller (it's SUPER light, easy to transition, his car seat "snaps" right in, and it has an under storage for shopping space). This is also great for traveling. HIGHLY recommended.

Lastly for traveling is his "every day stroller." We go EVERYWHERE together and love our long walks around our beautiful city. With walks comes bumps, quick maneuvers, sun, bugs, rain, weather changes, crowds, etc. So we found the stroller that fits our style and our needs and different terrain (Beach, forest, city). The Bugaboo Chameleon; What is does: modular folding system, suitable for infants to toddlers, reversible bassinet;can be used separately, mattress with aerated inlay, car seat adaptable, reversible seat with 3 reclining positions; can be used separately, height-adjustable handlebar, multi-terrain, reversible handlebar for city & rough terrain, easily maneuverable, adjustable suspension on swivel wheels, durable foam-filled tires, & large water-repellent sun canopy.

Peace of Mind: The following products keep me calm and let me know my baby is SAFE, and also keep my baby calm, what could be better?

I'm the type of person who needs to know EVERYTHING, even before it happens, so it makes sense that as a mom I am the same way. Therefore, the Summer Infant babyTouch Color Video Monitor is a MUST for someone like me. Because I'm also a multi-tasker and can't sit down, I'm always doing SOMETHING. So, if I have the ability to see my baby when I'm not in his room or with him at the moment, this monitor allows me to do so. The Summer Infant BabyTouch Digital Video Monitor is one of the most innovative baby video monitors on the market. The 3.5” color LCD screen with black and white night vision allows you to clearly see your baby whether it is day or night. The simple touch-screen menu allows you to manage whether the monitor pans, scans or zooms in on your baby. This monitor also features a way to talk back to your child while they are in the nursery so he or she has the security of knowing you are not far away. A recharging base unit provides an easy way for you to charge the monitor while it is in use, and a flip stand offers a convenient way to hold the video camera. The one-touch video on/off button allows you to control when you want to turn the monitor off once your baby is asleep.

A baby's first days, weeks, maybe months of life you will hear the word SWADDLE all the time. Do you swaddle? Does your baby like to be swaddled? Make sure you swaddle! Do you know HOW to swaddle? Oh for Pete's sake! Manual swaddling didn't work for me OR my son. He always broke out of my swaddle because I just couldn't do it right! SO, of course I tried the 4 way velcro swaddlers and I would wake up to a baby that had one leg out of the swaddle (or an arm, whatever he could get out). He just didn't seem to like it. So with NOT swaddling comes making sure your baby doesn't startle themselves (which they will because they have ZERO control over their developing nervous systems) and making sure they're warm enough. AY AY AY! So I followed the advice of a mom friend and bought the HALO Sleep Sack WITH Swaddle option. This had enough room for him to kick his feet, is soft and cuddly, and PERFECT for my son. He could not break out of this one and actually slept better as a newborn.

While beginning to establish BED TIME and having a soothing atmosphere for my child, I was recently recommended the Sleep Sheep Plush Sound Machine and the sounds are incredible. They are very soothing and help my son fall asleep within minutes and keeps him calm in his crib. Because he's calm, I'm calm. The sheep also comes with velcro on the back so that you can tie it around the crib instead of putting it IN the crib, risking the chance of suffocation ,etc. Sleep Sheep plays 4 soothing nature sounds: Gentle Stream, Spring Showers, Ocean Waves and Whale Sounds. Simply push the buttons for the sound you desire and adjust the volume to an audible, soothing level. The 2 sleep timer options, 23 and 45 minutes, help suit your child's needs. This On-The-Go version of Sleep Sheep is only 8 inches tall, a convenient size for carrying in diaper bags or luggage.

My son loves his soother binky but has a tendency to drop it a LOT, on the floor, in his crib, in his car seat (you get the picture). So while I was shopping one day at Nordstrom I found this Bella Tunno Loop Binker Pacifier Clip, talk about a LIFE saver.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog! My next blog will include products that my son REALLY loves and is a bit snobbish about and items that make my life EASIER as a mom.

* These are my OWN opinions and I was not compensated in any way by any of these manufacturers or businesses*