Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Getting More Comfortable

We are coming up to our 3 week mark of being in the new house and all I can say is WHEW. Life is finally becoming manageable again. I'm finally able to start going to the gym regularly again, which is HUGE for me because the gym is really like my safe haven; it's my room to breathe, really. It's my sacred time for me to process my thoughts, release some tension and anxiety, and really helps me keep my head on straight. So, without it for the past couple weeks it's been extra challenging.

Getting used to the garbage pick up and putting it out front with our recycling, etc., has been a whole new world too. We used to just toss our garbage down a shoot and voila! Now, we are living like actual humans. And let me tell you I understand this is totally a first world problem and I often have to keep telling myself to just chill, but the whole garbage and flies flying into my house when I open my front door is all taking a lot of getting used to from my city high rise life. However, now that HUGE changes are slowly becoming more like familiarities, life is becoming somewhat normal again.

Getting used to a whole new schedule and how things work in this house (my son is now sleeping til just about 8 am every day now, can I get an AMEN!?), my days are starting later. Breakfast is later, gym is later, and everything is pushed back a little bit. When you've been on a set schedule with your child for the past 2.5 years and now everything is shaken up, it's very scary. But like I said, we are all adjusting quite nicely now!

We have spent a lot of money, no, like, a shit ton of money on furnishing our new place and honestly it's scary. It's scary but when we look back to living in our condo, we didn't buy ANYTHING. So now that we are dropping the big bucks (why is EVERYTHING $1000?!?!) it's been hard to swallow, but the bigger picture is really helping us realize this is all worth it.

Using a leaf blower has been a huge cool new thing for me too! A leaf blower? What a genius idea! Also the excessive amounts of cleaning products I have bought and actually used is a HUGE amazement to me. Home Depot is LITERALLY my new best friend! I haven't decided if I am in love with the idea of that, but it's starting to grow on me (even though I've newly discovered I have a bad OCD problem, EEK!).

So, the bigger picture. The bigger picture is I see our entire future in this neighborhood. I see my son playing little league and getting scrapes and spending endless summer nights running around with his new friends and maybe even my new mom friends and knowing "Joey and Susie" from around the corner and having sleep overs and possibly having another child and joining a new Church community and having this awesome and beautiful life here. I see it all. I see it here. I am so overjoyed that we made the decision to be here and to leave our condo life behind us for the better good of our family and our son. Do I miss it? Sometimes. It sometimes makes me sad thinking about the memories we had there, but the excitement and happiness we gained from moving here far outweighs all of that.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

1 Week POST Move


Why did no one tell me how rough it is to move?

I mean, unpacking at your new home takes like a bazillion hours! Putting away dishes took like 3 hours alone!

I have to say, thank God I have such wonderful people in my life that are always willing and able to help me; because otherwise I really think I would be swimming in my own filth with only 5% of everything accomplished. Right now I am about 97% done with everything being unpacked AND having a place in the home.

I guess what made everything a bit more challenging is that we have to buy almost everything brand new because we didn't really have anything! New couches, new tables, new chairs, new bedroom sets, new this, new that; GEEZ! So having that all delivered the week of the move has added an extra annoyance and cluster-f*ck with boxes. I mean, how many boxes can one person have in their house?! It's crazy! And seriously, with the double boxing, the staples that are damn near impossible to get out, and the mountains of tape that comes with a box, it's a miracle I am still somewhat sane.

OH, and with all these new items comes a plethora of DIRECTIONS and STUFF to put together.

I mean, why does EVERYTHING need to be put together?!?! Why can't I just get a box that has everything assembled and place it where it needs to be? Even this new fan that I bought needed to be assembled! It's a fan for Petes sake!!

Last night it rained. A lot. and HARD. And a lot more. Listening to rain and thunder when you're trying to sleep in an actual house is a lot different than when in a high rise condo. You hear just about everything! Also, seeing puddles forming outside from the rain made me so nervous I just started bawling crying. Yes, crying my eyes out because of rain. Really though, it's much more than rain. When all is settled and you're living in a NEW house and neighborhood with a bunch of NEW stuff surrounding you and a lot more space, and a lot more responsibility, and a lot more cleaning to do; you realize that this is really hard. Moving is hard. Change is even harder I guess, for me anyways. I hate change. Even when I KNOW it's the right thing that needs to be done, it's still a struggle for me.

Being sad enough on my own for leaving the condo I lived in for almost 7 years made it that much harder when my 2 and a half year old would say, "No mommy, I don't want new house, I wanna go home!" Home. Where is home? This is our NEW home but the condo has been Johnny's home since he's been born and mine and my husbands home for a very long time. We all had our routines down pat. Everything was NORMAL. We knew our city. We knew the people at our gym, grocery stores, friends at the park, etc. So having to leave all that with a child who pretty much understands what's going on has been THAT much harder.

HOWEVER, now that it's been a week since we started this whole process and about 4 days since we've been actually sleeping here, things have already gotten better. Johnny doesn't ask to "go home" anymore. We have everything pretty much done except for redecorating and a few outdoor cleaning tasks. I cooked on our stove for the first time last night (it's a glass top electric stove) and it was a huge success! I'm slowly getting use to where everything is put away (dishes and stuff). And life is becoming a bit better than it has been this past week.

The positives of our move:
More space!
Doors on our bedrooms!
Lots and lots of storage space!
We don't have to listen to the TV on 4 volume at night anymore!
No city traffic!
We can actually have family and friends over now!
We have an actual kitchen table!
No more waiting for elevators!
Our new gym childcare is OUTSTANDING!
Grocery store parking lots actually have spots available!
We live in a FANTASTIC neighborhood with a great school system!
We are closer to BOTH of our families now!
No trains blaring at night or during nap time!
Less air pollution!
My husbands travel time to work has been cut in HALF! (and he no longer has to take public trans!)
This is our first HOUSE as a family!

Although I am still slightly saddened just by the change and missing our old place, I am that much more excited and happy for the future in our new town!