Monday, May 21, 2012

Essentially Bella!

I came across Essentially Bella from the owner, Jami, as she is a local business in my city of Chicago. I love meeting business people but there’s something about buying locally that really makes my heart happy. First, you are supporting your local economy and second, your product doesn’t have to travel far which means it will be most fresh! Of course, I also care about the chemicals that go into my body via my mouth but also through my skin. As I go through life year after year I meet more and more people whose lives have been changed due to a health scare of their own or a person near and dear to their heart. Through scientific literature you can find out a lot about chemicals. However, lately I’m sure you’re more aware of buzz words that are being used today such as; organic, parabens, formaldehyde, and sulfates. These words are often linked to diseases like cancer. It is with that reason that I look for the BEST of the best out there in terms of what goes into and onto my body and Essentially Bella is one of the best being both local and natural? AWESOME!

Usually I steer clear of scrubs because I often times break out from them and I really don’t want to relive my puberty-driven-pimple-stricken teenage years ever again. However, I decided to give Jami’s Lavender Scrub a shot. When I received my scrub in the mail I opened the box to find a beautifully crafted 7oz container with a simple logo. I love the simplicity of bottles because it just seems so crisp and clean to me. Next I opened the container to get a whiff of the delicious lavender scent and delicious it was; believe me, I couldn’t start my shower soon enough! It comes with a cute wooden paddle on the inside to scoop out the scrub so you don’t have to smash your fingers in it (smart). For my first use I decided to use the scrub on my arms, chest, back, and feet. My chest is the area I was worried about breaking out as it seems more sensitive than other parts of my body. My feet REALLY needed a good scrub. Being a mom and a gym freak I don’t have the time I used to have to get my bi weekly pedi’s anymore. Plus, it’s flip flop season now so my feet need extra TLC.

Well, I can’t rave enough about this product! My skin was instantly silky smooth, I didn’t break out, and I got a compliment about how good I smell right after my shower! Triple whammy! Because this product is made with natural ingredients such as; Sucrose, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, and essentials oils, you can be sure it is good for you, your health, and the planet.

You can order directly from the Essentially Bella website located here:

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What To Get Mom For Mother's Day!

My future hubby (I’m not too fond of the word fiancé) has been bothering me for WEEKS saying how he got me two fabulous gifts; so I say, I already have two  fabulous gifts (yes I’m a smooth operator). So, that got me to thinking, what did he get me?! What would be a great gift for Mother’s Day? Sure flowers and a card are always amazing, but is there something more personal that will last a lifetime? The answer is yes. I found quite a few things that are super fabulous and trendy but one thing that stuck out to me is monogrammed jewelry. Now-a-days just about anything can be monogrammed; a necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. So, I found two options to share; Budget friendly and splurge. Budget friendly items can be bought off of websites such as and While splurge items (and one of my dream items!) can be bought from the Jane Basch collection that I found at that has a specific necklace called the mommy monogram (pictured below). How sweet, right?!

Who's Your Mommy?

This time last year we were gearing up for Mother’s Day, what to buy our moms, grandmothers, and siblings who are mothers as well. We always do something extravagant for Mother’s Day; Navy Pier Cruise Lunch, fancy restaurants, etc. Last year at this time I was beyond excited because we were going to Gibson’s, a top notch steak joint here in Chicago. And of course, as you’ve previously read, my goal is to hit as many restaurants as I can in the Chicago-land area so I was stoked to add this one to the list! This year we are going to Drury Lane which is in Oak Brook for their brunch and this time I will be included in the celebration.The funny thing about last Mother’s Day is that I was already pregnant but had NO CLUE!

Now that it’s my turn to be celebrated as a mom (still sounds so weird, but I love it!) I am so excited. Since becoming a mom I’ve really been able to fully grasp the importance of celebrating mom’s and why a whole day is dedicated to us. When I was younger I always thought about how fun and easy it would be to stay home with your child(ren) and “play” house all day. BOY OH  BOY was I wrong! While I thoroughly enjoy currently being a mom, almost wife (funny term but the word fiancé bugs me), house manager, pillow, chef, maid, soother; you get the idea, I am very much so looking forward to being celebrated for my hard work. Little did I know what type of hard work went into parenting before becoming a parent myself. Sure, I was the older sister who took care of my 3 younger siblings but that doesn’t even compare to being a grown woman who is also a mom. I truly want my son to thrive as best he can. I want him to understand concepts that I didn’t grasp when “all the other kids did.” I want him to always remember and understand how I was there and will always be there for him. I want him to feel safe. I want him to learn to be truthful, loving, caring, honest, smart, happy, and really feel that he can do anything in the world that he wants to do. I want him to know I will always support him even if he wants to be an astronaut or an entrepreneur! 

Because I want all of these things for him and because I truly want to BE THERE for everything; that takes so much more than just feeling or giving him love. It takes pure hard work. It takes teaching him lessons and taking all the time I can with him to teach him how to be the best contributor to society that I can. Being a mom is truly the hardest job in the world and for that reason; mothers deserve all the celebration they can stand. 

Happy Mother’s Day Mommies AND Daddy’s who take on the role as BOTH parents. KUDOS!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Todays FAB Recipe, Colorful Pasta Salad

  • Eden Organic Vegetable Rotini
  • Garbanzo beans (Chickpeas)
  • Onion
  • Green Onion
  • Tomatoes
  • Bell Pepper
  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • Black Pepper
  • Jalapeno
  • Italian Dressing
Boil noodles as directed, then run under cold water so the noodles are cold to serve. Place back in the pot and add all of your chopped vegetables (serving size as desired). Add in 1/2 cup of Garbanzo beans, and mix everything in the pot. Add in a TBSP of basil, TSP of parsley, and black pepper to taste. Lastly, add in 2 TBSP of Italian dressing. Mix all together very well and serve!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Giving Back: March of Dimes "March for Babies"

As you all know, my son was born a month premature. While he thankfully had no birth defects besides having trouble getting up to a normal weight until he was a month and a half old, it was one of the best/scariest days of my life. Because of this I will be walking for the March for Babies on April 29th in honor of him, and all other premature babies or those with birth defects. I'm asking you to help me raise money for this amazing cause and help save a life. Anything will be helpful, thank you! 


Monday, March 26, 2012

My FAVORITE Baby Products (so far)

Okay, as you all know I am a first time mom but I am no stranger to children and playing the mom role. Being a mom for 3 months on Sunday now, I have found my top FAV products and I love them so much that I just have to share with you. Whether you're looking for a perfect gift for a baby shower, are a soon to be mom, or a mom already; I hope I have unmasked some treasures that you will find lovely too.

For the Bath:

I've tried 3 brand of towels and hated every single one of them (either too small, too THIN, or too flimsy). Finally I came across the PERFECT towel for baby, the extra large Frenchie Couture.

Next, the bath tub. I was recommended the tub by a friend and it's amazing because it can be used from birth until 2 years old! My son LOVES this tub, he hasn't slipped in it and he sits very comfortably in this bath, the PRIMO Eurobath.

Now because I wanted my son as a newborn to have some cushioning around him when he was in the tub, I purchased a large bath sponge to fit right in the 0-6 month spot and it worked like a charm. Once he reached 3 months we decided he no longer needed the sponge and took it out, but in my opinion it was necessary during the earlier stage of his life.
For scrubbing and cleaning baby's body, I didn't like the roughness of washcloths so I just use the wash clothes to cover his "bits" and keep him warm while in the tub. I found the true gem of sponges, so amazing that I actually bought one for myself! This sponge holds so much water, is soft and gentle, and shockingly durable. It's called the Baby Buddy Natural Sponge.

Lastly, a water deflector. At first I was skeptical because I thought it was just "one of those things that people waste money on." However, this is KEY for my son's baths! The water flows nicely into his Primo tub and he likes how it hits his feet. Also, I know when he gets older that this will keep him away from the actual spout which can be dangerous for kids. Flo Water Deflector.

Traveling Buddies! Based on my own research and consumer reviews I chose these products for our daily travels and couldn't be more pleased.

First we have his car seat, which is the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 Infant Car seat. This car seat is a bit more pricey but based on the safety reviews the decision is simple. As for my own personal use, yes it's a TAD BIT heavy, nothing dramatic. However, it's EASY to use and is on the HIGHER end of the weight spectrum (30lbs) so it can be used longer than most infant car seats.

Now, because I live in a big city that is very busy and I am a mom who is ALWAYS busy running around this busy city with my baby, it's imperative for me to have a quick transition from the car to the store. I purchased a Snap N Go stroller (it's SUPER light, easy to transition, his car seat "snaps" right in, and it has an under storage for shopping space). This is also great for traveling. HIGHLY recommended.

Lastly for traveling is his "every day stroller." We go EVERYWHERE together and love our long walks around our beautiful city. With walks comes bumps, quick maneuvers, sun, bugs, rain, weather changes, crowds, etc. So we found the stroller that fits our style and our needs and different terrain (Beach, forest, city). The Bugaboo Chameleon; What is does: modular folding system, suitable for infants to toddlers, reversible bassinet;can be used separately, mattress with aerated inlay, car seat adaptable, reversible seat with 3 reclining positions; can be used separately, height-adjustable handlebar, multi-terrain, reversible handlebar for city & rough terrain, easily maneuverable, adjustable suspension on swivel wheels, durable foam-filled tires, & large water-repellent sun canopy.

Peace of Mind: The following products keep me calm and let me know my baby is SAFE, and also keep my baby calm, what could be better?

I'm the type of person who needs to know EVERYTHING, even before it happens, so it makes sense that as a mom I am the same way. Therefore, the Summer Infant babyTouch Color Video Monitor is a MUST for someone like me. Because I'm also a multi-tasker and can't sit down, I'm always doing SOMETHING. So, if I have the ability to see my baby when I'm not in his room or with him at the moment, this monitor allows me to do so. The Summer Infant BabyTouch Digital Video Monitor is one of the most innovative baby video monitors on the market. The 3.5” color LCD screen with black and white night vision allows you to clearly see your baby whether it is day or night. The simple touch-screen menu allows you to manage whether the monitor pans, scans or zooms in on your baby. This monitor also features a way to talk back to your child while they are in the nursery so he or she has the security of knowing you are not far away. A recharging base unit provides an easy way for you to charge the monitor while it is in use, and a flip stand offers a convenient way to hold the video camera. The one-touch video on/off button allows you to control when you want to turn the monitor off once your baby is asleep.

A baby's first days, weeks, maybe months of life you will hear the word SWADDLE all the time. Do you swaddle? Does your baby like to be swaddled? Make sure you swaddle! Do you know HOW to swaddle? Oh for Pete's sake! Manual swaddling didn't work for me OR my son. He always broke out of my swaddle because I just couldn't do it right! SO, of course I tried the 4 way velcro swaddlers and I would wake up to a baby that had one leg out of the swaddle (or an arm, whatever he could get out). He just didn't seem to like it. So with NOT swaddling comes making sure your baby doesn't startle themselves (which they will because they have ZERO control over their developing nervous systems) and making sure they're warm enough. AY AY AY! So I followed the advice of a mom friend and bought the HALO Sleep Sack WITH Swaddle option. This had enough room for him to kick his feet, is soft and cuddly, and PERFECT for my son. He could not break out of this one and actually slept better as a newborn.

While beginning to establish BED TIME and having a soothing atmosphere for my child, I was recently recommended the Sleep Sheep Plush Sound Machine and the sounds are incredible. They are very soothing and help my son fall asleep within minutes and keeps him calm in his crib. Because he's calm, I'm calm. The sheep also comes with velcro on the back so that you can tie it around the crib instead of putting it IN the crib, risking the chance of suffocation ,etc. Sleep Sheep plays 4 soothing nature sounds: Gentle Stream, Spring Showers, Ocean Waves and Whale Sounds. Simply push the buttons for the sound you desire and adjust the volume to an audible, soothing level. The 2 sleep timer options, 23 and 45 minutes, help suit your child's needs. This On-The-Go version of Sleep Sheep is only 8 inches tall, a convenient size for carrying in diaper bags or luggage.

My son loves his soother binky but has a tendency to drop it a LOT, on the floor, in his crib, in his car seat (you get the picture). So while I was shopping one day at Nordstrom I found this Bella Tunno Loop Binker Pacifier Clip, talk about a LIFE saver.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog! My next blog will include products that my son REALLY loves and is a bit snobbish about and items that make my life EASIER as a mom.

* These are my OWN opinions and I was not compensated in any way by any of these manufacturers or businesses*

Friday, February 10, 2012


Okay, so lately I've discovered some of the BEST products and some I have been using for YEARS and truly love. Please enjoy and feel free to comment and leave your mommy must-have's! 

 1. Bvulgari Mon Jasmine Noir Travel Perfume: Okay, I bought this travel perfume at Ulta for $25 and the scent reminds me of a sexy, "dirty," flowery, strong, and domineering woman. I can't get over the smell of this and I get so many compliments from people on it. I always have this with me in my purse, because of course, you never know when you're going to be short of time or FORGET to put perfume on OR just be on the go all day long that you need a little freshen-me-up-splash of deliciousness. (OR, even a hot spur of the moment date ;)).
 2. Nars Bronzer in Casino: Alright ladies, I've been using this bronzer for about 8 years now! I can't get over it. It gives me the very best bronzed look and it's never orange. It has a little bit of shimmer but just the right amount. A little goes a LONG way and I couldn't be more in love with this product. I get this from Sephora and it's currently priced @ $33.00. Thank me later ;) 

 3. The original Naked Palette: $48 from Sephora. This is a mommy MUST be simply because it can be used for EVERYTHING and looks good on EVERYONE. I use this palette to switch up my shadow color, use as an eyeliner, eyeliner enhancer, AND an eyebrow enhancer. Yes, it's a little pricey, but for all of the colors that you get and the different ways you can use this product, it's WAY worth it.

 4. Big Sexy Hair hairspray: Oh. Maaa. Gaaaa. This hairspray truly IS what it claims to be, unlike all of the others I've tried (and trust me I've tried over 15 different hairsprays). This really is where it's at. All day hold, SUPER HOLD, and delicious smell. You really can't beat this! I found this gem at Target for $19.95. 

 5. Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Shampoo: You NEED this product! I don't care who you are, you need it. Plain and simple. If you are in a rush, woke up late, baby needs to eat or is being too fussy to focus on you, you have a last minute meeting, etc., YOU.NEED.THIS. I LOVE this product. It has no white residue, smells DELICIOUS, really makes your hair look like it was JUST washed (even if it's been a day or 5 since) and is only $5.00! I found this at Target as well. Just go and get it. 

6. Laura Mercier Translucent Pressed Powder: So, I've never used a powder before and since it was recommended to me I decided to give it a shot. I have combination skin so it's not too oily and not too dry. However, when I am on the go ALL DAY long and my face get's shiny, there is no better product than this powder. It gives you a fresh, matte, clean look and goes on super smooth. You can use this multiple times a day and since it's translucent, you never have to worry about your face being 100 different colors. Just clean. Simple. Beautiful. You. I found this product at Sephora and it is $40.00

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hey you, it's OKAY!!!

Being a new mom myself, I find something new every day about mommy-hood that I never knew before. From the overwhelming sense of emotions that are experienced due to hormones, a complete change in your life, and a human being to love and care for; there are not a lot of issues that are talked about. Almost like it’s kept a secret because being a mom is supposed to always be glorious! Granted, it is the single most amazing experience of my life, yet it’s also the most challenging and scary time of my life as well. I’ve decided to expose a little bit of how mommy-hood challenges us as women and how it changes our lives by interviewing moms from all walks of life. Whether you are thinking about becoming a mom, are a new mom, are a seasoned mom, or are looking to better understand your OWN mom, I hope you can enjoy and find this information useful!

Diana Graham, Mommy of 3 and IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor

How many children do you have? Gender? Age(s)?

I have 3-Two by choice and one by birth :-) Bailey (F) 12 Jackson (M) 8 and Braden (M) 7 

What's the most challenging part of being a new mom (if you remember)?

The roller coaster of emotions I think. There is the new incredibly fierce love, terrifying fear of doing something wrong, and about everything in between; couple that with exhaustion and everything is a little, well...intense. 

Did you suffer from baby blues? If so, can you tell us about that?

I wouldn't say I had the "baby blues" but I have dealt with depression on and off since my late teens. The intensity of emotional swings was really difficult for me. 

What's one thing about becoming a mom that no one told you about ?

It's not that anyone didn't tell me, but I really think its impossible to explain how you feel for them. I would give anything for any of them to make sure they were safe and taken care of. 

How do you find time for you?

I make it. :) My "me-time" is essential for me to be able to train with the intensity in which I need to. It comes after my kids and husband but before everything else. If the laundry goes undone, then it does. If I need to take 30 to relax in the bathtub, I do, and then get back to the things that need doing.

How do you still fit in time with your significant other (if there is one), time with girlfriends, family, etc?

We (my husband and I) are both divorced with partial custody of our kids. We work around that. That makes it easy, but sometimes we go a few weeks without time to ourselves and we know how it feels to have to find time for each other. Fortunately my husband will come to the gym with me for a workout date! That is one of the thing that we talked about before we got married was that we both needed time with the other to feel that connection in our marriage. We are conscious of it, and we get it done! As far as friends, if your kids are little join a MOPS group or a co-op. This is a great way to connect with other women if your kids aren't in school. If they are school age, make the most of that time! Bust thru your chores, hit the gym, and grab a coffee with a girlfriend!  To be honest, my competitive life has cut my friend time but I text, twitter, and Facebook my girlfriends all day long!

If you workout or are into health and fitness, what role has this played in your mommy life?

It has give me a sense of ME! In the gym I am ferocious! On stage I am Diana Graham Pro Bikini competitor. At home I am Diana Graham-Dave's wife, Bay Jack & B's mom, ponytail wearing gym rat. If I didn't have my thing (training for and competing in the IFBB) it would be easy to lose the tenacity and drive. I'm grateful to have found an outlet that is completely my own. 

How has becoming a mommy affected your work life? What is your job?

My job is competing and representing GNC. I was a personal trainer for 6 years but when my littlest entered kindergarten I quit working so that I could be there when he was. 

How has becoming a mommy significantly impacted your life?

It has made me more grateful for all the good, aware of the bad, taught me that I am SO much more capable than I had ever dreamed, and courageous enough to go for it. Seriously, I just think there is a transformation that goes on when you create and give birth to a human life. If you allow it, it can give you an aura, a kind of swagger that says I'm strong, I'm capable, and you KNOW I'm sexy! ;)          

What advice do you have for new moms who want it all?

Go for it. Listen to your heart. Focus on the things that make your life full and rich. Hold your head high and don't listen to anyone who says you can't have it! 

"Diana Graham can be contacted for appearances through

Gianna S, Chicago – Currently a Stay at home mom.

 How many children do you have? Gender? Age(s)?

I have one 5 month old daughter, Avery.

What's the most challenging part of being a new mom (if you remember)?

For me, the most challenging aspect of motherhood (so far) is getting used to my baby's personality and reading her signals. For the first few months it was a huge adjustment trying to learn what each cry meant, what she liked, what she didn't, etc. It used to be so stressful when she would cry and i wouldn't know how to fix it but now that she’s 5 months old, I’m really starting to learn all of that. And getting into a stricter routine has been a huge help as well.

Did you suffer from baby blues? If so, can you tell us about that?

 I did! My Drs. warned me about it and told me if i feel "sad' sometimes to not worry, that often new mothers get it and it shouldn't last long. I never thought I’d actually get them. My mom stayed with me for 2 days and was a HUGE help to me. The day she left, i cried uncontrollably. And for the next two weeks or so after, every time the baby cried and i couldn't fix it, i cried because i felt like i was being a bad mom. Now i know that’s not the case!

What's one thing about becoming a mom that no one told you about?

Babies need CONSTANT attention! When she was first born, she'd sleep 95% of the time but now that she's older, she’s awake more and needs so much more of my time. I can't take naps like i used to, when my show comes on but she needs to eat the show has to wait. If i need to take a shower but she's screaming then the shower as to wait. Little things like that i definitely took for granted before i had her.  

How do you find time for you?

Every other day or so I will go to the gym for an hour. It helps me get away for a little bit and do something to help take the stress off of a hard day. Also, when the baby goes to sleep i will take a hot shower and sit down with my fiancé and have a glass of wine (or two) and just relax. I always go to bed feeling a lot more calmed down. That time for you is really important!

How do you still fit in time with your significant other (if there is one), time with girlfriends, family, etc?

This has been a challenge for me. When Dan (my fiancé) gets home from work, we only get a couple of hours to hang out alone when the baby goes to sleep. And our weekends are usually pretty busy. But the time we do get to spend alone together we try to make the most of it. And my mom is really good about offering to watch the baby when we need a date night!  My family and i have gotten so much closer since I had Avery. I go over to my parents a few times a week so she can spend time with her aunt, uncle and grandparents. My girl friends have been so supportive and have been there a lot for me. We try to get together and have a girl’s night out or they will come by to see the baby and we'll catch up. I may not get to go out with them as much as i used to but we always find a little time for one another, whether it’s a 5 minute phone call or a quick visit, and I think that’s what really matters.

If you workout or are into health and fitness, what role has this played in your mommy life?

It has played a HUGE roll in my life since having the baby. Before I had her, I worked in one of the top fitness centers in the country and despite having that at my fingertips at all times, I RARELY worked out. I would run outside occasionally, but that was the most I would do. I gained close 50lbs in the 38 weeks I was pregnant so going from 106lbs to 148 really took a toll on my body. I gained weight in places I never thought was possible! I since joined a gym and have been getting so much closer to getting my old body back. Will it ever be exactly the same? I highly doubt it. But at least I have a goal and the closer i get to it, the better I feel about myself. Not only is it doing wonders physically, but also mentally. It's such a big stress reliever and gives me a chance to have some "me" time a few days a week. It's a win-win situation!

How has becoming a mommy affected your work life? What is your job?

 I worked at a fitness center called "East Bank Club" for a few years up until i was 37 weeks pregnant. Because i wasn't considered a full time employee, after just 6 weeks, they requested that i return to work. After some serious thought and talking it over with my Fiancé, i decided it wasn't in my best interests to return to my job. Nor did i feel as though it would be the best decision for my daughter. I couldn't imagine not being home with her every day, especially being so young. I feel like this should be my job now until i feel more comfortable leaving her with someone else or in a daycare while i work. Washing bottles, doing laundry, feeding her every 3 hours, cleaning our home, bathing her, etc is a hard job in itself but i couldn't be happier to do it. 
How has becoming a mommy significantly impacted your life?

 It's really made me a better person. I want to be the best mom i can be for her. When i was 23 and living my life, i was doing just that, living for myself. But when i had a baby, suddenly I'm living for someone else. I don't think of just myself. And the things i used to do like going out on fancy dates, partying with friends, going wherever i pleased, suddenly doesn't seem so important anymore. Now the important things are making sure my baby is happy, well fed and most importantly healthy. My life revolves around her and I’m totally fine with that! I thank her everyday because now my life has a lot more direction and responsibility

What advice do you have for new moms who want it all?

My advice would be to make sure you take time for yourself. There's no such thing as Super Mom. You may want it all but no one can do it all. So when you feel really stressed, take some deep breathes, talk to your girlfriends, take a bubble bath with some candles, go to the gym or have some wine. No one will blame you for wanting that time to yourself. It's healthy to need that. And it's ok to ask for help! Remember, a happy mom makes for a happy baby! 

Danielle M., Chicago- Currently Asst. General Manager TGI Fridays

How many children do you have?
1 Gender? Male Age(s)? 1 year (15months)

What's the most challenging part of being a new mom (if you remember)? 
Not knowing the answers to everything!!! Especially being a new mom...... it is all trial and error. I remember always wishing he could talk so he could tell me why he was crying! LOL Google becomes your new BFF

Did you suffer from baby blues?If so, can you tell us about that?
Luckily, I did not.

What's one thing about becoming a mom that no one told you about ?
Hmmm... thats a tough one...

How do you find time for you? 

That's tough too, because I am still trying! Working full time is hard when having a baby. With that being said, when i am off work all I want to do is be a mom. When your a mom who is very into health & fitness, that becomes your "me" time. Now, I find that all I do is be a mom/wife, work, and workout. I know I would find more "me" time or time with friends if working out was not such a huge priority.

How do you still fit in time with your significant other (if there is one), time with girlfriends, family, etc?

After a year, it is still hard. My husband and I do make sure we have 2 days a week off together which is nice. Now we have to work on getting out together more often, because now we just stay home with the lil man. I wish I saw my girlfriends more, but it jut becomes soooooo hard when you become a mom. I am very close with my family, so luckily I see them all the time!

If you workout or are into health and fitness, what role has this played in your mommy life? 

A HUGE role. Getting back into shape within 2-3 months after having a baby is a major self-esteem booster! I feel better in my body now than I did before I was pregnant.

How has becoming a mommy affected your work life? What is your job?
As soon as I returned from maternity leave, I realized I was not as dedicated/passionate as I was before. All I wanted to do was go home to my family. I soon went down to 4 days a week after I got back. I am in the Restaurant Industry which is very high demand, stressfull and alot of hours! (55-60week)

How has becoming a mommy significantly impacted your life? 
When I look at my son, I can't believe how lucky I am, or even the fact that I am a mom. I love it! I would not change a thing! You cherish more once you become a parent....

What advice do you have for new moms who want it all? 
It is VERY important that you make time for you and your significant other, your friends, and family. I am still working on finding more time, but the time I found is priceless.. keeps me happy!

Danielle Martin
Assistant General Manager
TGI Friday's Midway Hotel Center
RLJ Development | Franchisee